Green has a taste, healthiness has a colour, peaches and kale has the right colour compliment with taste and guaranteed healthiness. The Peaches and Kale blend at The Farmer’s Market should be on top of the list of anyone who believes in healthy living and all food lovers. This unique blend comes with a touch Mint and pineapple treating your taste buds to thrilling flavor. The Farmer’s Market serves blends, Juices smoothies and Salads with a distinctiveness from all other similar drinks in town. The drink are all fruit or vegetable based with no additives or syrup and an optional honey as a sweetener. Walk into any of The Farmer’s Market branches and choose from our ever expanding list of smoothies and juices. Mellow Whizz, Pep Up, Summer Pop, Tropical Melody makes up a list of smoothies meant to fill you up with enough nutrients and fibre preventing binge eating. Come around with your family and enjoy our Very Berry smoothies which is made up of Strawberry, blackberry, blue berry and raspberry. Want to the start the day in a right mood? Then the house favourite “The Mood Booster” has right ingredients to boost your mood.