Kiwi is a described as a super fruit because in spite of its small size, it is packed with vital vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. It is a power packed fruit with nutritive values greater than fruits found to be larger in size than it. Kiwi is not famed for its nutritional benefits but it’s widely preferred for its attractive, exotic taste and the edible nature of the entire fruit.
Kiwi has very rich vitamins, the fruit contains high amount of vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folate.
• The Vitamin C and antioxidants found in Kiwi aids in the treatment of asthma as it known to benefit the functioning of the lungs and give special protection in children. The antioxidants properties further boost the immune system providing a strong resistance against disease.
• Kiwi strengthens the immune system of those in the vulnerable group namely children and the aged giving them special cover against flu, skin diseases, and other viral infections and reduces the risk of other health conditions.
• The vitamin K found in kiwi complements the potassium in kiwi to make it a perfect fruit for heart health. Kiwi enables efficient blood flow and helps in the management and prevention of hypertension. People include kiwi as part of their daily food choices have lower risk of cardiovascular vascular diseases
• The fiber found in kiwi aids in digestion, helps prevent diverticulitis and other colon infections, regular intake of kiwi reduces the presence of bad fat in the blood and it also helps in prevention of piles.
Kiwi can also be used to garnish foods, cakes and other confectioneries to great effect. Its bright green interior with perfectly lined up black seeds gives an attractive outlook which comes in handy when setting out to decorate your food and cakes. The multi-purposeful nature of Kiwi does not only make it a super fruit but the ultimate fruit.